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Ceramics in Your Tools

We specialise in the design and manufacture of ceramic cutting tools and other hand tools.

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  • Why Ceramics?

    Traditional cutting tools are usually made of steels, but they are prone to dullness and rust and are not suitable for certain industrial working conditions. In comparison to that, ceramics provide the below benefits that are optimal to make your tools.
    • Chemical


    • Solvent


    • Heat


    • Wear & corrosion


    • Insulation,

      no conductive

    • No magnetic

    • High sharpness

    • Never rust

    • High hardness

    • Longevity

    • No contamination

    • No wound infection

    Why choose us?

    In the past 20 years, we have been devoting ourselves in understanding and manufacturing advanced ceramics and have a mature R&D team with skillful engineers and professional ceramic experts. Their ingenuity and experience provide a solid foundation, allowing us to fulfil customers' needs with the most reliable and innovative products.
    Factory audit certifications
    7 days sample delivery
    Stable & Mass production
    Self-processed raw materials
    Self-owned mould factory
    100,000m² manufacturing base

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    Why choose us? With over 20 years of devotion to advanced ceramics, we are more than just a manufacturer. We are ceramic experts, enthusiastic innovators, and reliable business partners. We enjoy helping our customers innovate, create, and explore the diverse possibilities of ceramics in their products.

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