About Us Have you ever considered that ceramics can significantly improve the functionality and usability of your tools? It is the right time to start thinking this question.
Strengths of advanced ceramics? Advanced ceramics is an innovative material that exhibits high hardness, high flexural strength, chemical resistance, wear and corrosion resistance. It is non-conductive, non-magnetic, non-sparking, and never rust. Comparing with metals, it is also a clean material, with the advantages of no smell, no contamination, and will not lead to wound infection.
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The use of YUKI advanced ceramics With such many excellent properties, advanced ceramics can be ideal for making tools in a wide range of applications. In fact, as an expert in this field, we have received many interesting inquiries from different industries, asking us to improve their products by replacing traditional metal materials with advanced ceramics. Of course, after modifications, these products exhibit better performance in functionality, usability, safety, and longevity.
YUKI’s team In the past 20 years, we have been devoting ourselves in understanding and manufacturing advanced ceramics and have a mature R&D team with skillful engineers and professional ceramic experts. Their ingenuity and experience provide a solid foundation, allowing us to fulfil customers' needs with the most reliable and innovative products.
YUKI’s capacity We also have excellent production capacity, possessing a complete production chain from powder processing, precision machining to product finalization. With a modern ceramic manufacturing base of 100,000 sqm and over 20 high-temperature automatic kilns, we can mass-produce high-performance ceramic products with stable quality and delivery.

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