Which Box Cutter Is Right For My Food And Beverage Franchise Or Distribution Center?
09 June 2021
In restaurants and food distribution centers, scissors just aren’t equipped to handle the daily grind of opening boxes, cutting through tough materials, and splitting tape. Thus, a box cutter is a vital tool that should be kept on hand at both of these locations. That being said, hand injuries are one of the most prevalent work-related injuries according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. These injuries can span from small scratches to nerve-damaging lacerations. Choosing the appropriate safety box cutter can greatly reduce the occurrence of these accidents.

For use within restaurants, bars, and cafes, Johncera's ceramic box cutter is the ideal choice. It is a disposable safety box cutter that easily slices through box tape, shrinkwrap, cardboard, and bagged goods. The blade is concealed within the cutter to ensure the safety of the user and the product. Also, the concealed blade means it can be used quick and efficiently with very little risk of injury. For example, this cutter is ideal for opening bags of cooking supplies, cutting shrink-wrap to preserve the left-over product, and quickly breaking down leftover cardboard. 

Which Box Cutter Is Right For My Food And Beverage Franchise Or Distribution Center?
Aside from the concealed blade, additional safety features include an ergonomic handle made of polycarbonate, a disposable blade that will not get lost during work or hurt you when changing it, and a handle that is accessible to both right and left-handed individuals. For ease of access, the ceramic box cutter also includes a lanyard hole so that you can secure it to your person (because who doesn’t hate misplacing their handy tool?). 

Like Johncera's ceramic box cutter, the blade is concealed within the tool to ensure the safety of the user and the product and has a blade thickness of 0.50 mm and a cutting depth of 4mm. Additional safety features include an ergonomic handle and a ceramic blade for cleanliness. If you're looking for a blade with a deeper cutting depth, the Johncera's ceramic box cutter  is also a great option. It has a High performance ceramic blade and an 11.4 cutting depth and is also made from metal detectable plastic. 

Protecting your employees and products should be of the utmost importance to any business owners. Selecting the proper safety blade for the work environment can aid in this goal and help prevent accidents from occurring. To purchase these items or others like them, visit our website. Further, we’d be happy to answer any specific questions you may have. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions

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