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25mm Ceramic Snap-off Utility Knives -Extra Large

Sku No.: CG250

Suitable for: Chemical Industry/ Hardware

Feature Description: Universal blade typle, which can replace the metal blade for any handle.

Corrosion-resistant, chemical-resistant, never rust-free, non-conductive.

Easy to clean, better than metal knives for use in harsh environments. 

Good grip of knife handle.

The commonality of ceramic utility tool cutter:

1. Safe enough.The cut-resistant safety blade protects the user and the contents of the box fox maximum protection.

2. The ceramic properties fundamentally eliminate the possibility of damage leading to tetanus.

3. Long life and reusable use.The tail has the function of breaking the blade,and ceramic properties have high hardness,good toughness,durability and no rust,and no maintenance is required.

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Product Features
Technical features
  • Chemical resistance

    Chemical resistance

  • Solvent resistance

    Solvent resistance

  • Heat resistance

    Heat resistance

  • Wear and Corrosion resistance

    Wear and Corrosion resistance

  • Insulation, no conductive

    Insulation, no conductive

  • No magnetic

    No magnetic

  • High sharpness

    High sharpness

  • Never rust

    Never rust

  • High hardness

    High hardness

  • Longevity


  • No contamination

    No contamination

  • No wound infection

    No wound infection

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